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Say hello to our new friends at la fontaine de chocolat

La Fontaine De Chocolat

Throw the shoppe doors wide open for our new party-rockers in residence, La Fontaine De Chocolat. Now, my French is a little rusty, so how's about we let the chocolate do the talking?

If you've ever been tasked with throwing a legendary party, or organising a high profile event, you'll know it sure ain't easy. Until you've seen what these guys have on offer, that is. With a selection of professional quality chocolate fountains to thoroughly indulge your party guests, they also offer a range of tasty and decadent party foods that are certain to grab the eyes and taste buds of everybody present. And to top it all, they're a great bunch of people.

We've already had lots of fun writing some of their new web content, but mainly, we're looking forward to being invited to the Xmas party (hint).

See what it's all about here